In the first week of the swap, Joy has to dump her neatly pressed clothes on the pool table, and accuses the boys of behaving like animals. At the race track she has to decide whether to stay in the pit or put the pedal to the metal racing. Meanwhile, Stephanie revs up house cleaning and throws a cocktail party, but is still left with the feeling the house is lonely. In the second week, when the wives change the rules, Joy puts the breaks on drag racing and bans clothes on the pool table. She cleans the entire house and brings in an etiquette coach. Meanwhile, Stephanie has the Towers throw all their clothes on the table and lets the kids decorate their rooms. The family put on their pink "Team Tower" overalls and step into Stephanie's world of high octane chaos with a crash course in pit training. At the end of the swap, when the couples are reunited, will Joy learn that cleanliness does not equal happiness? Will Stephanie slow down a little and learn to take some pride in her own home?.

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