Keep Calm and Carry On

While Dean brings Mary up to speed on what has happened in the 30 years since she's died, 'Sam faces torture at the hands of the Men of Letters Meanwhile, Crowley tries to track down a weakened Lucifer, who is hopping from body to body.


By Gadfly on Oct 14, 2016

Dean stares in shock at his mother Mary, and wonders if she's really real. When he tries to touch her, Mary slams him to the ground and demands to know where she is and who he is. Dean says that he's her son, but Mary points out that her son was 4 years old. He tells her that he was 4 when she died, and Mary remembers burning on the ceiling. Dean gets up and recites her life history, including how she and John met, based on what John told him. Mary realizes that he's telling the truth and Dean c…

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Episode Discussion

GeneTorres posted a year ago

I wish they will finally let Mary live. It probably is hard for her after so many years but nothing is impossible in Supernatural universe.

everdeen posted a year ago

Great season opener. 12th season, and still going strong. Amazing.

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