The Savior

As the heroes set out to stop Hyde, Emma develops a mysterious side effect, and Storybrooke becomes a haven for refugees from the Land of Untold Stories. Meanwhile, Regina and Zelena embrace their newfound sisterhood by becoming roommates, while Rumple tries to free Belle from the sleeping curse. In flashback, Jafar confronts an afflicted Aladdin in Agrabah, and a secret about the Savior is revealed.


By Gadfly on Sep 26, 2016

Many Years Ago An emir rides across the plains, a man on a flying carpet blasting him from above. The man rides to an isolated home and begs for help, saying that "he" is coming. The emir enters and finds a nurse attending to the owner. Gasping for breath, the emir says that his kingdom is in danger and they need the Savior. The nurse says that the Savior isn't seeing anyone, and the emir turns as the man attacking him--Jafar--enters the home. Jafar transforms the emir into a pile of dust.…

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nellie posted a year ago

Hello: I'm new here and I can't see this episode. I saw the rest of the seasons on another site and this is the season I have not season.

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