White Light

Abraham and Vasiliy continue their hunt for the Old World Ancient. Meanwhile, Quinlan tells the Ancients about Abraham's plan, and Eph is forced to nurse Dutch back to health after her exposure to the Master's voice.


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By Gadfly on Oct 17, 2016

At one of the Master's factories, Sanjay and his assistant show Eicchorst their improved process for draining blood. When he realizes that they're using a dummy, Eichhorst grabs the assistant, slams him on a hook, and points out to Sanjay dummies don't struggle and put stress on the system. Sanjay activates the system and watches with Eichhorst as his assistant is "processed" and the blood drained from his body. Once the process is completed, Sanjay admits that the incinerator isn't ready yet an…

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Episode Discussion

spockers posted a year ago

Epic. Seeing an ancient reach out and twist a strigoi's head off with one hand was worth watching several times. :D

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