Do or Die

With the strigoi ready to overrun the city, Vasiliy warns Dutch and Eph to get out. Meanwhile, Gus and Angel try to leave the city but run into Justine, and Eichhorst tracks down the cargo from the Aurora Cutlass.


By Gadfly on Oct 24, 2016

At the command center, Justine tells her people that their forces were forced back. One captain points out that they're short on everything and the city will fall, but Justine says that they have been spreading their forces too thin. They plan to move back to smaller enclaves and hold out until the labs come up with a cure. The captain says that if they don't pull out to Saratoga Springs then they're all going to die. Some of the other officers agree, and Justine tells them to cut and run if the…

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Dji posted a year ago

Dang, this season keeps getting better.

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