The Bone Orchard

When Shadow Moon is released from prison early after the death of his wife, he meets Mr. Wednesday and is recruited as his bodyguard. Shadow discovers that this may be more than he bargained for.



By Gadfly on May 1, 2017

Mr. Ibis writes the story of the coming to America in 813. He writes of how the Vikings were low on supplies. They finally spotted land and came ashore, but the land was barren and they soon fought among themselves. The Native Americans kill one Viking and fire warning shots when the others try to enter the forest. They decided to leave but there was no wind to take them away. They carved a totem to the Allfather, Odin, to intercede with the wings, to make Odin look. The leader took out the righ…

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Episode Discussion

queeniyata posted 10 months ago

Welp, guess I have to start somewhere!!!

Thomas posted 11 months ago

I have no idea what I just watched, but somehow I loved it.

rebeligado posted 11 months ago

Macabre, Star loves to crash huh. The final scenes that trip.

JCuervo_a posted 11 months ago

Agree. Great pilot, captures the magic of Neil Gaiman's book and adds Hannibal's aesthetic.

JuanArango posted 11 months ago

That was some weird trippy shit, loving it, something fresh and new that is!

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