San Junipero

A woman named Yorkie arrives in the 1987 town of San Junipero, and soon links up with the free-spirited Kelly. But San Junipero isn't all that it seems...


By Gadfly on Nov 5, 2016

In the 1980s California town of San Junipero, a young woman named Yorkie walks down the streets. Another woman, Kelly, walks into a bar-Tucker's-- and her boyfriend Wes follows her despite her complaints about him. Yorkie goes in and nervously makes her way through the crowd, and stops to play an arcade game. A man, Harvey, comes over and tries to start up a conversation about the game. He invites her to play with him, but she hastily says no and tells Harvey that she wants to get her bearings.…

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Episode Discussion

RedStarsown posted a year ago

Great episode!! Mackenzie Davis took it to a higher level. Hope someday this tech exists...

Wynn posted a year ago

Aye, best one of the first four for sure. So touching in every way. Kudos.

bernardo90 posted a year ago

best episode so far, really lovely story.

neonsubmarine posted a year ago

Just a lovely and beautiful episode, and a nice reprieve from the usual bleak and depressing Black Mirror fare. A+!

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