Men Against Fire

A soldier, Stripe, serves in Europe hunting down mutated humans known as "Roaches." However, he soon discovers that the creatures aren't what they appear.


By Gadfly on Nov 5, 2016

A soldier, Stripe, sleeps and sees a woman leading him into a house. He's interrupted when his squad mate, Raiman, yells at everyone to wake. Their commander Medina tells them that the locals think that Roaches are attacking their food supplies and they're going to deal with them. As the soldiers prepare to move out, Raiman tells Stripe that he's getting his first Roach hunt. The squad heads out and one of the soldiers, Lennard, half-jokingly tells Stripe not to shit his pants. They go to th…

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Episode Discussion

Wynn posted a year ago

Reminded me a tiny bit of District 9. In both we're dealing with suppression/eradication of "lesser" beings/humans. Not that it's a comparison in any way - and this was very well made by the Black Mirror team indeed. Both in terms of well thought up and well acted out as with every previous episode they've made.

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