Hated in the Nation

A DIC and her new shadow investigate a reporter's death and discover that she was the most hated woman in the UK by popular vote... and the vote killed her.


By Gadfly on Nov 7, 2016

DIC Karin Parke sits outside a room, waiting. She'[s eventually summoned into the inquiry room and they ask her for the recollections of the events from the last May. Karin explains that she first got involved on the 15th. ----- Day One Karen goes to her apartment and unpacks her groceries. She settles down and then watches a news report about the sacking of demands for a news columnist Jo Powers to be sacked after she dismisses the death of "Wheelchair Martyr" Gwen Marbury as a cry for…

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Episode Discussion

Wynn posted a year ago

Oh shit...


Wynn posted 2 years ago

This episode should be watched by all and everyone. It was really the nail-on-the-head-hitter of the season!

Quite simple, incredibly and frightfully close to our reality right now - no matter how inevitable it is.

Kudos once again for such a stunning show in every which way.

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