Thorpe Park

Simon is about to take his driving test, but doesn't feel confident that he will pass first time, whereas Will, Jay and Neil are over-optimistically discussing the possibilities of one of the group owning a car. Before Simon even sits his test, they have already decided to go to Thorpe Park– where Neil works as a mascot. During Simon's driving test he is examined by a female examiner who tries to put him at ease with the use of sexual connotations; Simon is submissive to her advances and passes his driving test. His dad buys him an old yellow Fiat Cinque cento Hawaii as a present, (to his dislike and embarrassment) exacerbated by taunts from his friends. Simon then goes to collect Will and Jay to take them to Thorpe Park. After the journey – which includes "stalking" a car full of girls and interfering in a funeral procession– the boys finally arrive at Thorpe Park; although things do not go to plan there either. Jay detaches the front passenger door when he impatiently opens it whilst Simon is still reversing, and Will finally gets to the front of the queue for Nemesis Inferno, only to find there is only space for him and not his friends. He insults whoever has pushed in, denouncing them as "arseholes", before sitting down next to them to see they are from the "Happy Foundation", a charity for people with Down syndrome. After the ride they return to the car which is covered with food, and has had the windows and doors smashed in by the Happy Foundation.

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