Bunk Off

This episode follows the boys' day as theybunk offschool. The episode starts with Will and Simon meeting up and lying to Mr. Gilbert that they're both ill withfood poisoning. After this they meet up with Jay and Neil, and Will dresses up in Neil's dad's clothes to look older. After this, they head back to Neil's house and all get very drunk. To their surprise, Neil's dad comes home earlier than expected but Will, who is incredibly drunk, mocks Neil's dad over his alleged homosexuality, and resulting in Will calling Kevin a bumder, aportmanteauof bumboy and bender. Kevin gets angry at this remark so the boys make a quick escape, leaving Neil behind to take his punishment. Simon then, albeit drunkenly, realises he loves Carli D'Amato and is eager to tell her. They go round to Carli's house and he sprays "I love Carly D'Amato" (sic) on her driveway with spray paint, only to be embarrassed when Carli and her friends show up. However, Carli is somewhat impressed (after noticing Jay sniggering at Simon) and invites Simon over to her house. Simon, wondering how he got away with the spray painting, is told by Jay that Carli was obviously impressed that he was drunk and suggests Simon be drunk when he goes to Carli's house that evening. Simon takes Jay's advice and turns up drunk with Will, only to end up throwing up in Carli's kitchen and again on her little brother, Chris, after Will inadvertently convinces Chris that his parents have been killed. Simon and Will leave, only to go home and discover their parents (including Neil's dad Kevin) at Will's house, demanding an explanation for why they skived school, the day having ended being a total disaster. The episode ends the next day at school, with Simon and Will being taken to the headteacher's office as Mr. Gilbert says to them that impersonating their parents over the telephone is fraud and Neil and Jay get away unpunished.

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