The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Will is picked to run the school's Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, having been told by Mr. Gilbert the reason he was chosen is that he is a virgin, and although Jay is reluctant to help, Neil and Simon agree to participate. Will signs himself, Simon and Neil up at a local retirement home in order to fulfil one of their Duke of Edinburgh modules. The boys go to the care home for the first time, and Daisy tells him that she wants the following day off so that she can attend a friend's hen do. Once again, Will volunteers himself and his friends for the shifts (after also persuading Daisy to go on a date with him), but Simon then reveals that he has to spend time with his dad, after his parents go on a trial separation and cannot do the shifts. Jay agrees to help, but only if he receives payment for it. The next day Will finds himself exhausted and falls asleep in the common room at school. Jay and Neil can't resist the opportunity to cause mischief, put hair removal cream down Will's trousers, and his pubic hair falls out in the shower when he gets home. Will panics before his date and quickly stuffs a woman's wig down his underpants at the retirement home. Will tries to keep Daisy from finding out about the wig after their date, but she finds out and tells Will to leave after thinking that he did not have any pubic hair in the first place and that she was too old for him. The next day, Will tries to explain to Daisy, but she is too embarrassed to talk to him. Meanwhile, Jay becomes bored watching over the elderly people and sneaks off to an apparent unoccupied room to masturbate. When he is discovered, the boys are kicked off the programme.

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