The Bad Beginning: Part One

After they lose their parents and their homes in a fire, the Baudelaire children are placed with their nearest relative, Count Olaf. Unknown to anyone, Olaf plans to obtain the family fortune once Violet comes of age... by hook or by crook.


By Gadfly on Jan 25, 2017

Lemony Snickett dedicates his stories, A Series of Unfortunate Events, to his darling, dearest, dead Beatrice. The narrator the introduces himself, warning that his stories do not have happy endings or beginnings. He warns the audience that he is going to relate the story of the Baudelaire children--Violet, Klaus, and Sunny--and advises the viewers to watch something more unpleasant instead. ----- The children take a trolley to the seashore alone, after their parents insist that they go. T…

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Episode Discussion

vidomark posted a year ago

it was surprisingly entertaining, never worse

AdrienRochereau posted a year ago

slow start, not bad but I'll wait to watch episode 2 before deciding to continue or not.

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