A Good Day to Die

With Chloe dying of poison, Lucifer comes up with a desperate scheme to get the antidote from Jason... even though the man is suffering in Hell. To get the ingredient, Lucifer will have to die.


By Gadfly on Jan 31, 2017

Lucifer drives Chloe to the hospital as fast as he can. Chloe's nosebleed has stopped, but Lucifer isn't convinced. She describes how she tackled Jason earlier, and realizes that he injected her during the struggle. Chloe says that they can't go to the hospital because it didn't help any of the other victims. The only thing that will save her life is finding the antidote. Lucifer concedes the point and turns around. At the station, Ella comes in response to their call, and Chloe says that the…

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