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  • Modus


    During a snowy Christmas season in Sweden, psychologist and profiler Inger Johanne Vik finds not onl…

  • Boy Machine

    Boy Machine

    Swedish comedy series from 2015. Boy Machine was the largest boy band in the nineties but disbanded…

  • Samhällsjudo

    "Samhällsjudo" (Societal Judo) Artist duo Frej Larsson and Simon Gärdenfors, better known as Father…

  • Sveriges Mästerkock

    Sveriges Mästerkock

    Here we can follow swedish amateur chefs when they are taking a step out of their own kitchen to sta…

  • Idol


    "Idol" is a Swedish reality-competition talent show airing on TV4. It debuted in August 2004, and ha…

  • Maria Wern

    Maria Wern

    After the death of her husband, Police Inspector Maria Wern moves to the picturesque Swedish island…

  • Parlamentet


    Parlamentet is a satirical panel game show on TV4, which parodies Swedish political debate.

  • Beck


    Beck follows the Swedish police officer Martin Beck and his partner Gunvald Larson investigating var…

  • Äntligen hemma

    Äntligen hemma

    Äntligen hemma is a Swedish TV show on TV4 about home improvement.

  • Brottsplats Sverige

    Brottsplats Sverige

    Crime scene Sweden is the program weekly accentuates the criminal Sweden and together with its own t…

  • Djurskyddarna

    Documentary series of enthusiasts who work in animal services in Skåne. Their work is about taking c…

  • Gladiatorerna


    Gladiatorerna, one of TV4's popular program of all time, is back - in a bigger, stronger and more da…

  • Linda och djurens hjältar

    Linda Lindorff visits countries around the world to meet people who work with animals.

  • Finaste familjen

    Finaste familjen

    Finaste familjen (My Perfect Family) is a series about our time. The importance of showing the world…

  • Sveriges yngsta mästerkock

    Sveriges yngsta mästerkock

    Here are competing Sweden's best mini chefs aged eight to twelve years. A jury will coach the contes…

  • Bonde Söker Fru

    Bonde Söker Fru

    Farmer Wants a Wife is a Swedish adaptation of the original format Farmer Wants a Wife and broadcast…

  • Halv åtta hos mig

    Halv åtta hos mig

    Every week, four people who had never met before, invite each other to dinner. Usually, dinner consi…

  • Så mycket bättre

    Så mycket bättre

    How much better is a Swedish entertainment program. The artists move into a house on the island. The…

  • Svenska fall för FBI

    Svenska fall för FBI

    Swedish case, the FBI is a Swedish documentary series where experts Bo Astrom and Mark Safarik tackl…

  • Missing


    Police superintendent Maja Silver goes back to her old hometown in the Swedish Bible belt to see her…

  • Time Out

    Time Out

    In Time Out, two teams compete and test their knowledge about sports. You must be fast and sharp in…

  • ByggLov


    Bygglov is a Swedish interior design program where a carpenter, an interior decorator and a fixer ta…

  • Det Okända

    Det Okända

    Svensk dokumentärserie. Några av landets mest framstående medier beger sig ut till svenska hem. Där…

  • Rebecka Martinsson

    Rebecka Martinsson

    Rebecka Martinsson from Kiruna has not really found herself, despite her great success at a law firm…

  • I en annan del av Köping

    I en annan del av Köping

    I en annan del av Köpingis a Swedish documentary television series. The series depicts the daily liv…

  • Vad blir det för mat

    Vad blir det för mat

    Glöm välkammade kockar, strukna decilitermått och lite försiktigt nyskapande recept. När Per Moberg…

  • Superskaparna


    Seven creative participants taking the DIY trend to a whole new level when they create everything fr…

  • Bytt är bytt

    Bytt är bytt is a Swedish antiques show broadcast on TV4. The first season started airing on 27 Sept…

  • GWs Mord

    GWs Mord

    Kriminalprofessor Leif GW Persson berättar om Sveriges mest omtalade mord. Han djupdyker i utredning…

  • Ack Värmland

    Ack Värmland

    A Swedish comedy mini series about a family where the mother and daughter finds out they are pregnan…

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