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A&E Canceling ‘Live PD’ Following Ongoing Protests Against Police Brutality

A&E has pulled the plug on “Live PD,” in the wake of ongoing protests against police brutality and concerns over coverage of police activity following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

News Discussion

Nivekolsen posted a month ago

Imo. this was the right call, shows that offer "live and unfiltered" views of "real" cops and cases should be cancelled. They offer a fake reality of what cops are actually like, without showing the full truth (as promised). Scripted cop shows are a different story, but they should also try and bring up police-related issues (like Brooklyn 9-9 has been doing for a while).

AndrewsGittings posted a month ago

this is getting out of hand every single cop show will be off the air soon they don't need to cancel them all, so are they going to remove chicago pd law and order svu the rookie blue bloods fbi as these are all cop shows.

TucsonPC posted a month ago

Worst decision A&E could have ever made. Live PD was the best stand-up, no police brutality, show ever produced. And now, I have no shows to watch on the A&E network. The 'chicken little' lack of integrity of the network is disturbing.

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