‘Luke Cage’ Canceled by Netflix

Netflix has canceled “Luke Cage.” News of the cancellation comes four months after the superhero action drama from Marvel Television debuted its second season on the streaming service — and just days after Netflix pulled the plug on another Marvel show, “Iron Fist.”

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Gadfly posted 2 months ago

Since Netflix doesn't release ratings, who knows how disappointed they are?

I think it's juggling what Marvel wants for their upcoming Marvel streaming service. And the fact that they're just too damn long. Who wants to sit through the equivalent of an 11-hour IF movie? I think that Netflix is realizing that the binge-watching audience ain't the way to go. I suppose it has the advantage of people not realizing that it sucks until after it's over. IF would have been lucky to get a 13-episode order on network TV. But they paid people to produce the equivalent of an 11-hour IF movie and then an 8-hour movie. And what did they get for it? A bunch of critics complaining about how lousy to mediocre it was.

SongsAboutMusic posted 2 months ago

IIRC three seasons of each were the original terms of the deal (before the Disney takeover) so yeah, DD has probably sung his last hurrah in this iteration. I have to admit, this one comes as a surprise to me. Luke Cage was a hell of a —Juggernaut— who didn’t suffer from a weak season (IF1, JJ2) .... I’m going to hold onto hope that they optioned a Heroes for Hire spin-off, but that’s surely just an exercise in optimism.

TVshowsandCats posted 3 months ago

I won't be surprised if all the Marvel Netflix series will be cancelled in the next period. I think the House of Mouse want all the Marvel shows for their streaming services. They are filming the next season of Jessica Jones so she won't be next and season 2 of Punisher hasn't been released yet but if Daredevil gets cancelled next I think there just other things at play than just disappointing ratings...

Gadfly posted 3 months ago

Bummer. If Luke Cage bought it, after Defenders and Iron Fist, it's hard to imagine the others three Marvel/Netflix shows will make it. Maybe Daredevil, but Jessica Jones and Punisher don't look too good.

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