Kerry McCauley

"I love the challenge of the unknown. I love getting in the plane in the morning and not knowing where I'm going to end up that evening or how I'm going to get there."

Kerry McCauley not only loves to fly the planes, he loves to jump out of them as well.

Kerry is the owner and operator of "Skydive Twin Cities," a successful skydiving business in Baldwin, Wisconsin. He has jumped more than 13,000 times and has more than 6,500 flying hours under his belt.

In 1979, while still in high school, Kerry joined the army and became a helicopter crew chief. He took flying lessons in the early 80s and was on the road to realizing his dream of becoming a pilot when an impossible-to-pass-up office job landed in his lap.

But despite the good money and job security, Kerry wasn't made for an office job. He quit, got his pilot license and took up ferry flying. Kerry flew for 12 years and delivered more than 50 planes. He's flown all over the world and across the Atlantic a number of times but has yet to make a Pacific crossing.

"The first time you head out over the ocean it's intimidating. there's nothing but vast ocean out there and once you're a few hours out you're beyond normal rescue. I've known a number of people that got killed. I got my job from a pilot who went down."

Kerry turned his focus on his skydiving school after it became too successful to keep on the side. But Kerry is not done with the adventure yet. He still dreams about flying his Queen Air around the world.

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