Tom Hardy

Edward Thomas Hardy was born on September 15, 1977 in Hammersmith, London; his mother, Elizabeth Anne (Barrett), is an artist and painter, and his father, Chips Hardy, is a writer. He is of English and Irish descent. Hardy was brought up in East Sheen, London, and first studied at Reed's School. His education continued at Tower House School, then at Richmond Drama School, and subsequently at the Drama Centre London, along with fellow Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender. After winning a modeling competition at age 21, he had a brief contract with the agency Models One.

He joined Drama Centre London in September 1998 and was taken out early to work on Band of Brothers (2001). One of his classmates at drama school was Michael Fassbender, both appeared in Band of Brothers and Hardy stated that Fassbender was the best actor in the school. Good friends with Benedict Cumberbatch. They starred together in Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007) and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011).He loves Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira. Hugh Jackman has expressed his desire to see Hardy take over the role that made him famous, Wolverine in the X-Men films. As of 2016, has appeared in three films that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: Inception (2010), Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) and The Revenant (2015). Very extensive resume. "Band of Brothers (2001), Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), Wuthering Heights (2009), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Peaky Blinders (2014), Taboo (2017) and so much more..

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CBeebies Bedtime Stories (2017)
Guest starring as Tom Hardy (4 episodes)
Taboo (2017)
Starring as James Keziah Delaney (8 episodes)
Peaky Blinders (2013)
Starring as Alfie Solomons (10 episodes)
Poaching Wars with Tom Hardy (2013)
Starring as Tom Hardy (2 episodes)
Young Soldiers (2011)
Starring as Narrator (5 episodes)
Wuthering Heights (2009)
Starring as Heathcliff
Meadowlands (2007)
Starring as Jack Donnelly
The Virgin Queen (2006)
Starring as Robert Dudley
Colditz (2005)
Starring as 2nd Lieutenant Jack Rose (2 episodes)
Band of Brothers (2001)
Guest starring as John A. Janovec (2 episodes)
Sticky ()
Starring as TBA

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Taboo (2017)
Show crew as Executive Producer (8 episodes)
Show crew as Creator (8 episodes)