Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris is a Henley College student set to become a star after making her television debut in Channel 4's latest dark comedy 'No Offence'.

Samantha wrote the following statement: I never done this before and It was brill the people were really nice and I love every single bit of it. Was the best day ever got to meet Will Mellor who play's D.C spike we were Talking to each other that was Great doing my scene's were amazing and with famous people like Stuart and Tegan that was really good for me and to get to actually see Colin Salmon on the set was Amazing. On the day I work with some amazing people like Stuart and Tegan and my on screen father Steve Cooper that was really good I loved the acting I can't believe I did well on my lines the scene I did with Stuart when I ask him about Tegan being his Girlfriend that was my best line. I am a student I have great friends and family they supported me all this way I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me all this way and you have made my dream come true I got to be on telly thank you.

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