Road to Avonlea - Episode Guide

Season 1

Season 2

Sea Ghost

Episode: 2x08 | Airdate: Jan 20, 1991

Season 3

Season 4

Tug of War

Episode: 4x01 | Airdate: Jan 17, 1993

Moving On

Episode: 4x05 | Airdate: Feb 7, 1993


Episode: 4x06 | Airdate: Feb 14, 1993

The Dinner

Episode: 4x07 | Airdate: Feb 21, 1993

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

From Away

Episode: 7x09 | Airdate: Mar 3, 1996


An Avonlea Christmas

Episode: S00 Special | Airdate: Dec 13, 1998

An Avonlea Christmas

As World War I rages in Europe, the citizens of Avonlea prepare for their annual Christmas festivities. Hetty King, always ready and willing to do her part for king and country, is planning a Christmas concert with the schoolchildren to raise funds for the war effort. Janet King however, whose son Felix King is away fighting in the trenches, would prefer to forget about the war altogether.