HDMIMeatBall wrote 22 days ago:

hi there i see it all over the web. The way episodes are writing for example 1x01 1x02 1x03 and so on.

Why not 101 102 103 it looks much nicer than the above one and it. Serves as a dual indicator the first number is the season or the series the other two as the. Episode

number it also looks better in windows media player or VLC for those that have recorded the episodes. for example an can look like this 101 Embrace her Powers Supergirl.

tnt wrote 22 days ago:

Traditional enumeration makes more sense. How would you tell, 101 it's season 1 episode 01 or season 10 episode 1? Or maybe it's just episode #101? But when you see 1x01 it's straightforward, season 1 episode 01.

Aidan wrote 22 days ago:

There's a very practical reason for having a separator between the season and episode numbers.

Just as an example, how would you determine what's what once you get more than 10 seasons or get over 100 episodes in a season ?

HDMIMeatBall wrote 15 days ago:

hi there as you all know the U.S. start with 101 this to me looks straightforward then the next season 201 this just looks ugly 1x01 & untidy

it looks better like this 1001 & if there is more than 09 episodes it would looks like this 1001 season 10 episode 01 or this 1011 gone to season 11 or 12 then it would looks like this 1101 & this 1111 1201 1212 if any of you use a usb stick & put programmes on to watch at a friends house you see that the episodes do not go in order if you use this 1x01 format windows media dose not see the order. or if you put different season together

FremenDar007 wrote 9 days ago:

What I do if a show isn't on disc or awaiting a disc release I just do this format. S01E01. Done and done. But obviously not for this site.