Format of updated?

DickKluis wrote 26 days ago: 1

The updated field contains 1588508735    How do I convert that to a date?

gazza911 wrote 26 days ago: 2

It's a epoch / Unix Timestamp (in seconds instead of milliseconds so you may need to multiply it by 1000).

So you'll have to see how that should be done in the coding language that you want (or let us know which language you're using).

DickKluis wrote 26 days ago: 1

Thank you, I am using Python

I found this:  and I think that is for msec.

from datetime import datetime

date timestamp = datetime.fromtimestamp(1549401937) 

print("Date =", timestamp) 

timestamp2 = date.fromtimestamp(1549401937) 

print("Date =", timestamp2)

DickKluis wrote 26 days ago: 1

It automatically determines seconds or milliseconds

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