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TV show name order

cozofdeath wrote 12 days ago: 1

I noticed that if the there are several TV shows that have the same name but, have different words or characters appended to the end, that it puts the shows with additional words as the best match. For instance...

Search: 60 Days In


60 Days In: Narcoland

60 Days In:

I would of thought '60 Days In:' would have been first. Of course some code logic could be written, and probably should, to sort out what result is truly wanted. I'm assuming this has to do with the fuzzy algorithm and is probably expected but I just want to make sure this is intended.


gazza911 wrote 12 days ago: 1

There's multiple things which boost the score of each search result.

You can see if you search for it in the API - - that there is a property called score; that is how they're ordered.

As a simple measurement (as it's more complicated really), the score is built up from closeness in fuzzy algorithm + the weight property (popularity out of 100), with extra score for exact matches.

Both of them do have a high score and although I would have expected "60 Days In" to be higher (due to similar weight), it doesn't automatically make it an issue.


cozofdeath wrote 12 days ago: 1

Thanks for the quick response gazza911! It sounds like show's popularity is added into the fuzzy algorithm and hence the score which I didn't realize. Makes sense and I appreciate the good explanation. 

BTW: Love the Tvmaze API!!!

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