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API Definitions

crobibero wrote 21 days ago: 1

Hi team,

I'm working on creating a TV Maze plugin for Jellyfin (, and a C# ApiClient (

Would it be possible to have an OpenApi spec, or full model definitions? We keep running into values that are null. For example, has a few ImageTypes that are null, when it's defined to only be "poster", "banner", "background" or "typography"


david wrote 21 days ago: 3

I'm definitely considering adding that in the future. Haven't done it yet so far because I'd want the spec to be completely auto-generated (instead of having to maintain it manually and constantly running out of sync) which isn't trivial.

For now, feel free to ask for any guidance on the possible values, and I'll amend the documentation!

Already updated for image types:

The image type can be "poster", "banner", "background", "typography", or NULL in case of legacy unclassified images.

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