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Episodes by Date - The Mandalorian

Edon321 wrote 13 days ago: 1

Hey all, when I check the full api response, I can see the next episode of The Mandalorian airs on 2020-11-27.

However, if I query the episodes by date using 2020-11-27 (, The Mandalorian does not appear in the list. 

Should Mandalorian be in this list, or do I have a misunderstanding. The only weird part around this show is that it releases at Midnight, but I checked the surrounding dates to see if I could find it with the episode by date endpoint, but was unable to find it.

Thanks for any answers, and thanks for the awesome API.


Additional context:

I am trying to get tv shows with upcoming episodes with a certain range (e.g. shows with new episodes between now and next week). So I'm querying by date from now until a week from now. I noticed Mandalorian did not appear in my results, and when I looked into it further I realized it didn't appear anywhere in query by date

Edon321 wrote 13 days ago: 1


I just found this thread mentioning the same thing, resolving my question.

I'd delete my original post if I could. I look forward to those beta API's being published! :)


Thanks again all

david wrote 12 days ago: 2

Wow, I almost forgot about these endpoints.

Did you check them out already by any chance, any feedback?

Edon321 wrote 12 days ago: 1

I haven't dived into them in too much detail, but my initial passthrough looking at them seems like everything I need, makes my life much easier. Thanks again for the hard work.

If I find something worth pointing out I'll make a post, but for now it seems perfect!

Edon321 wrote 12 days ago: 1

One problem I did find was that, I wanted to flatmap episodes together so it's like [...episodes, ...webEpisodes]. But webShows have a unique property: "_embedded" that makes doing a flatmap impossible. 


Will have to map my WebEpisode type to my Episode type to have data conformity. Ideally the embedded property would be removed so that I could map both web shows and regular shows together


david wrote 12 days ago: 1

Right, good catch. Actually the schedule endpoint is the odd one out here, not using the _embedded convention. It'll be updated to conform in the future, but we'll need to launch a new API version for that, so we're stuck with this inconsistency for now.

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