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Enjoy reading Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror & Mystery with some adventure. Especially Clive Cussler novels. Favorite series include Douglas Prestons Special Agent Pendergast series and Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time. I enjoy a variety of Classic movies, & Classic Horror movies especially those featuring such legends of Horror as Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi (and yes, I actually know it is pronounced Bay-La), Lon Chaney Jr., and I consider John Carradine in with the Legends. Genres I enjoy include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Classic Mystery such as Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, Boston Blackie, The Saint with George Sanders and many more. I have attended Dragon Con many times with my wife, we enjoy Renaissance Fairs, dressing up in Medieval outfits for them. I have companion Parrots, and consider them Fids. I also own Toby's Toys, making and selling Parrot toys at bird fairs.

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The Horror of Party Beach Episode

The Horror of Party Beach

The beach scene with the Zombie song in this movie reminded me of the driving scene from 'Mano's Hand Of Fate', it went on and on. The guys had quite a few funny riffs while watching this movie. They actually made seeing the bad monster costumes worthwhile in some scenes with their off the wall comments.

Home Sweet Hut Episode

Home Sweet Hut

At the end of the episode, I can't help but wonder what the anchor with the rope attached to it was doing in the hut. It should have been on the Minnow down at the beach or at least the rope removed and taken to the hut.

Rob Worman Vs. Matt Stikker Vs. Shawn Ralston, show # 7699. Episode

Rob Worman Vs. Matt Stikker Vs. Shawn Ralston, show # 7699.

Seeing Matt on todays episode my first impression was Grigori Rasputin reincarnated is on Jeopardy! Not meant as a insult to Mark, I watched part of Nicholas And Alexandra with Tom Baker as Rasputin just recently and he was fresh in my mind.