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Lovecraft Country -- The Road Less Traveled Article

Lovecraft Country -- The Road Less Traveled

@JuanArango wrote:
I tried to get into the show, but after episode three I had to stop watching. It was too little horror and too little suspense for me and way too much dancing and singing. 

I agree that there is less "horror" than expected but, as I mention in the review, that is the twist. It's a tale about Blacks living in "Jim Crow" America, with an overlay of horror and science fiction. As such its target audience, I believe, is not just horror fans, but also -- perhaps mainly -- fans of historical dramas, as well as fans of Black television. It is an interesting attempt by the creators that they'll need to work hard at if they want satisfy all groups. Otherwise it will just turn into either a horror show or a historical drama about Black America. We'll see. But I do celebrate the choice to try something more complex than your average TV pablum.

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