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Red Dwarf - The Beginning was not The End Article

Red Dwarf - The Beginning was not The End

So happy Dave is returning with new episodes! Dave Lister as well as Dave-the-network :). Red Dwarf is easily my favorite Sci Fi comedy, with its clever writing, self-aware acting and unique Britishness. The series as a whole has had its ups and downs, especially after Rob Grant, one half of the writing team Grant Naylor (Doug Naylor being the other) that created it, left over ‘musical differences’. Their “Back to Reality” is my all-time favorite Red Dwarf episode.

When rerun channel Dave announced it would start producing new Red Dwarf content after ten years of hiatus, I was as skeptical about it as anyone. But aside from the very shaky “Back to Earth” season, they really managed to hit the right tone. They have been taking full advantage of improved special effects, but kept the characteristically grungy look and feel.

SNAFU Episode


The title "SNAFU" is a military slang abbreviation turned acronym, meaning "Situation Normal, All F*cked Up."

QSO Episode


The title "QSO" refers to the Q-signal (amateur radio term) meaning "A conversation between two radio stations."