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Episode Images

wmulder posted 10 months ago

I used to submit official publicity pictures from NBC as screenshots for the Chicago Series, but they were not the authorized 9x16 format.  Instead the were in-between the new 9x16 and the old 3x4 format.  They are the 35mm photo format at 2x3.


I would really like you to authorize this format as you get a lot better picture than a "real" screenshot, which is usually a lot darker'


Take a look here and tell me which is the better picture:

Incomplete solution to issue

drbits posted 11 months ago

That thread mentions the need for a follow button on both shows and people. It appears to have been closed.

There are buttons on the show results, but not the people results.

Should I submit a separate request?

No images

pesky2012 posted 11 months ago

all fixed sorry for the trouble

Jan posted 11 months ago

No trouble. Don't sweat it. :)
If it were really broken we'd be aware of it thanks to you and get to fixing it. But It's not, even better.

A number of issues:

Raven_Sirius posted 11 months ago

hi Jan,

I only just read the looking for new writers post. Nominally yes I would be interested. I would love to contribute.

However I have an issue, maybe a couple... :)

1. Search algorithm. Goto the 'shows' page. Do a search for Running, scripted, English shows. Within a page or two not only are the listed shows not all running they aren't necessary all English.

2. User icon shows no 'contributor points'. But my page does. Why are there not a plethora of contributions? Because I grew weary of having to wait to go on to finish making contributions- stopped by the must be tested to see if the user in making valid additions (despite paying [in local currency] $80+ a year for access and the benefit.)

The second point is the one that is the major stumbling block with becoming a writer for TvMaze. I would love too, truly... but... inbox me.

:) :)

Jan posted 11 months ago

Hey Raven,

1) Are you sure you had the correct filter? I tried it out couldn't find any examples. Maybe i'm blind, who knows. Can you create a thread and post some examples on the forum?
2) If you have any suggestions on how to improve the system please share them with us so that we can discuss it.
The current system is in place to ensure abuse is blocked from the very beginning and it's been working pretty well at spotting abusers early on.
Every time your level is increased, you're able to do a much larger volume of contributions than previously without having to wait for a checkup.
You're currently at level 2. Once you reach level 5 it becomes unlimited with no direct oversight.
We also have this system so that if a new user needs guidance we'll immediately be able to identify and jump in to help. and if not, they get upgraded to the point where we don't need to look into their contributions anymore.

About showing one's contributions under their thumb. Have you seen juan's number?...

P.S. What do the two points above have to do with writing articles? :)

P.P.S If you're considering writing it's best to talk with Lady Shelley about it. She's the Head writer responsible for the articles section.

P.P.P.S Thanks for the support. I really can't express how grateful we are to everyone who gets premium.

About watchlist status

kay1256 posted a year ago

If you accidentally click one of the icons (watched, acquired,etc) how do you undo it

Jan posted a year ago

Just like a light switch. Click on them again. :)

kay1256 posted a year ago

I guess doing that doesn't work on cell phone site will try on computer. I have been trying to click on the icon but won't work

Jan posted a year ago

Ow nvm, I thought you were specifically talking about the Premium functionality on the calendar page that lets you manage your shows. You're right that it doesn't work like that everywhere. Go to your watchlist to manage your episodes, from there you can toggle the episode back to unwatched.

Which show is it?

kay1256 posted a year ago

it worked on my computer no worries. It does it for all the shows on cell phone site but works like a charm on computer. Thanx for your help

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