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Supernatural Season 14 Description

Sjb6759 posted a month ago

Yes could you please stop Changing The Description's Please!

Gadfly posted a month ago

No. Is there any given reason to? TVMaze's objective is to have the best summaries/descriptions possible. The network ones are adequate for placeholders before the episode airs, but they typically have typos, use awkward ungrammatical language, and omit or obscure basic details.

Chop Chop Ninja

Gadfly posted 4 months ago

Per tvmaze rules, only titles are bolded. Unless you're saying the character dreamed of becoming a tv show? "Iro, an exuberant young ninja, has one big dream: to become THE Chop Chop Ninja. "

SilverSurfer posted 4 months ago

Mmmmm, OK, won't argue. It's a fine line, IMHO, between TV show title, proper name, and/or position title at times. Anywho, fixed. Txs for the feedback.

SilverSurfer posted 4 months ago

Coach the show? Coach the person? Coach the position? Same applies to Mom. I'm sure there are probably more but those two spring to mind.

Gadfly posted 4 months ago

It's pretty easy to tell the difference as far as I can tell. To use all three:

Coach is about Coach Harrison Ford, the coach of the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles.

The first Coach is the show title, the second is the person, the third is the position. Only the title is bolded, or so I've been told.

Wynona Earp, S03E01


Gadfly posted 7 months ago

If I get a chance a lot of stuff to watch and fill in. But it's on my radar. Thanks!