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SilverSurfer's talk page

Watch History

tvjjbj12 posted a year ago


Thanks for the suggestion on entering the page number in the URL in the address bar for searching through episode history. It never occurred to me.

I'm like: OK, I'll take my hand and slap my forehead crying "REBOOT, REBOOT!" Thanks again.


News items

LadyShelley posted a year ago

Just wanted to let you know that several of the News items you've added do not conform to the rules for what we allow. Below is what we currently allow for news:

For news linked to a show, the following events are permitted:

Changes in the show's main cast
Updates on premiere dates for the show's pilot or a season premiere
Renewals for a next season or additional episodes being ordered
Cancellations or endings
The show moving to a different network/webchannel

Several of the items you've added are little more than interviews, and while interesting do not meet our requirements and have been deleted.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a note.


SilverSurfer posted a year ago

Do you remember which news items so I can have a look and try to remember why I added them? TiA

LadyShelley posted a year ago

Frankie Drake Mysteries (interview with one of the actors on general season stuff)
Will there ever be a Supernatural spin-off
Interview with the cast of The Connors

As I said, interesting stuff, just not things we currently allow as news.


Aidan posted 2 years ago


Just a quick heads up that the crew type Runner just mens errand boy, and that Showrunner isn't a official crew type. Normally they're only listed as executive producers.

Cheers :)

SilverSurfer posted 2 years ago

Ahh, thanks for heads up ... but how do you know I didn't mean Joss was an errand boy? ;)

tvjjbj12 posted a year ago

Sorry. Wrong place! I hit "Reply to this talk"

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