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Point of Origin Episode

Point of Origin

best episode to date ( which isn't hard to acheive ) Peter Krause still as wooden as ever although good to see his characters backstory. Would've been good to have followed up on events at the Indian wedding. Best scene though was the car wash attendant. Still laughing.

Worst Day Ever Episode

Worst Day Ever

4 episodes in and these firefighters have yet to face a fire. Peter Krause has to be the most wooden actor I've seen in a long long time. Angela Bassett is the best thing about this average show. Will watch up to the end of the 1st season before deciding whether to continue. Disappointed so far to be honest.

The Last Stand Episode

The Last Stand

Crutchman74. I think you're commenting on the end of season 3 not the final episode.

Resolution Episode


ChuckSnow. Date not wrong. It was a;ways going to be on Jan 1st. Hence the title !!