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The linear BBC Three channel shut in February 2016, with the channel moving online-only.

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  • Murder in Successville

    Murder in Successville

    Successville is a surreal place with a high celebrity homicide count.Each week Successville's loveab…

  • Junior Doctors

    Junior Doctors

    Documentary series following newly-qualified medics as they start working on hospital wards for the…

  • Asian Provocateur

    Asian Provocateur

    Comedian Romesh Ranganathan is sent by his mother on a ramshackle odyssey around his parents' homela…

  • People Just Do Nothing

    People Just Do Nothing

    Mockumentary series that follows west London pirate radio station 'Kurupt FM'.

  • Josh


    Sitcom about flatmates Josh, Kate and Owen, and their annoying landlord Geoff.

  • Life and Death Row

    Life and Death Row

    Series telling the story of capital punishment through the eyes of young people whose lives have bee…

  • Witless


    Leanne and Rhona are two ordinary flatmates whose lives are thrown into disarray after witnessing a…

  • Clique


    In the first year of uni, childhood best friends Holly and Georgia find themselves drawn to an elite…

  • Live from the BBC

    Live from the BBC

    Showcasing some of the best new comedy talent, filmed in the iconic Radio Theatre at Broadcasting Ho…

  • Training Tunes

    Training Tunes

    Trevor Nelson presents a series where he finds out how music is integral to sporting heroes.

  • Ladventures with Thomas Gray

    Thomas Gray explores modern male bonding around the UK.

  • Life Hacks hoax?

    Magician Ben Hart demonstrates 'life hacks' with members of the public, which are in fact magic tric…

  • The Three Brief

    Stars of BBC Three shows sit down and talk about their upcoming series, episodes or special events.

  • Fleabag


    Meet Fleabag. She's not talking to all of us - she's talking to you. So why don't you pop your top o…

  • Extra Gear

    Extra Gear

    Rory Reid presents the spin-off of Top Gear. In each episode he presents exclusive footage, intervie…

  • Stupid Man, Smart Phone

    Russell Kane is crossing into the deadly Arctic Circle, travelling as far north as he can go - despe…

  • Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man

    In two parts, this powerful short-form documentary follows 25 year-old James Young as he tries to re…

  • Drugs Map of Britain

    Drugs Map of Britain

    A landmark series exploring the drugs of choice in different parts of the UK. From Mamba in Wolverha…

  • Getting High for God?

    Getting High for God?

    Mawaan Rizwan was brought up in a religious family but is no longer practising and feels detached fr…

  • American High School

    In this six-part series, BBC Three has unprecedented access to Orangeburg-Wilkinson, a majority Afri…

  • Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia

    Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia

    Reggie Yates travels down under to explore the issues facing young Australians in the 21st century.

  • This Country

    This Country

    Comedy exploring the lives of young people in modern rural Britain, focusing on two cousins, Kerry a…

  • Pls Like

    Pls Like

    Pls Like is a weekly series that follows struggling comedian Liam, as the unlikely competition, vict…

  • I'm Different: Let Me Drive

    I'm Different: Let Me Drive

    Documentary series following young learner drivers with physical and learning disabilities.

  • Dictatorland


    Ben Zand travels to some of the worlds's longest-running dictatorships, discovering the sinister and…

  • Happy Man

    Happy Man

    Happy Man is a three part short-form documentary series, presented by 23 year-old comedian Jack Rook…

  • Queer Britain

    Queer Britain

    Queer Britain, presented by YouTuber and journalist Riyadh Khalaf, aims to get under the skin of que…

  • Britain's Forgotten Men

    Britain's Forgotten Men

    Many white working-class men are struggling in today's society - low education, poor jobs, high crim…

  • Sex Map of Britain

    Sex Map of Britain

    In this thought provoking new five-part series, BBC Three plots a course around the UK to meet those…

  • Eating With My Ex

    Eating With My Ex

    Eating With My Ex is a series in which former couples meet up for dinner and have to answer three br…

  • Romesh: Talking to Comedians

    Romesh: Talking to Comedians

    Romesh Ranganathan meets some of the UK's most-loved comedians.

  • Overshadowed


    Overshadowed tells the story of a young Irish vlogger called Imogene whose life spirals out of contr…

  • Drugsland

    With unprecedented access to police work, drug support agencies, detox clinics, custody suites, loca…

  • Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough

    Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough

    In Brighton and Hove, where there's been the UK's biggest increase in homelessness over the past yea…

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