Little is known of the man who calls himself "Ray." He served in Vietnam and has worked with American Intelligence at some point. Something happened that caused him to retire. Since then, Ray travels the U.S., lending his services to people who are in over their heads and need help

To contact Ray, a potential client has to go online and look for an advertisement for a 1960s Corvette Stingray, "for barter only." If they leave a message saying that they need help, Ray will contact them and offer his assistance. However, Ray doesn't demand money for his help. Rather he asks that his client provide one future favor. Whatever Ray asks, they have to do, no matter how dangerous. Most people are grateful enough that they promise to return the favor and do so.

Ray is a trained driver, martial artist, thief, computer hacker, polyglot, sketch artist, possesses eidetic memory, and has mastered yoga techniques that can let him temporarily stop his heart, appearing dead. He also has a chameleon-like ability to take on a persona and blend in. This along with his eidetic memory allows him to pose as anything from a salesman to a revival-tent preacher to a doctor, and often facilitates his ability to go undercover.

Ray also maintains an expansive "favor network," allowing him to draw on a wide range of resources. His hacking skills, combined with people who owe him favors, let him create a variety of fake backgrounds. Driver's license checks have identified him as a resident of the White House, the Governor's mansion in California, and an FBI agent. Ray is also a bit of a ladies man, although his lifestyle doesn't permit long-term commitments.


Main cast, played by Nick Mancuso