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Episode 4

Can parents of spoilt teenagers and twenty-somethings reverse the years of over-indulging and mollycoddling?

Thanks to them their kids have become bone idle, workshy and devoid of life skills. Now these parents have had enough. They want to use real life challenges to fast-track their overprotected brats into becoming fully functioning, independent adults in just four weeks.

With the prize of a round-the-world trip on offer, these eight 17- to 25-year-olds give up their home comforts for a house in south-east London where they must fend for themselves for the very first time - cooking, cleaning and, worst of all for them, working. In each episode the most useless kid is ejected by the people who made them what they are - their parents.

The five remaining spoilt brats turn Del-Boy Trotter for the day when they are forced to run two stalls selling cheap goods at Portobello Market.

Tension is rife between Nicky and Dogan after Dogan made it clear that he wants Nicky to be the next person evicted from the house. Nicky is finding life hard now that her main friend and ally Rachel is no longer there and doesn't take kindly to Dogan's continual baiting.

As the kids have been surviving on trash, the parents decide to make them cook a healthy meal for each other every day - with interesting results.

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