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Target: Jimmy Olsen!

Jimmy's doctor, Dr. Golden (David Sage), is murdered and Lois and Clark investigate to find out who killed him. Their investiagation leads them to discover about a project that started twenty years ago when a military doctor, Dr. Wilder, injected three infants with a virus that would allow him to control their mind when they would get older; one of the kids being Jimmy. The plan was to turn these kids into assassins but when he was discovered, he was discharged. Now, Dr. Wilder is dead but his wife, Claudette (Michelle Phillips), and daughter, Dr. Katherine Wilder (Claire Yarlett), try to complete his project. They manage to activate the virus in all three kids and while the first one dies, Jimmy and Sarah (Meredith Scott Lynn), try to kill Lois and Clark while being under orders. Superman stops Jimmy before hurting Lois and Claudette and Katherine get arrested, while Jimmy and Sarah get to the hospital to remove the virus from their system. In the meantime, Lois tries to talk to Clark about her feelings but every time she does, Clark runs off because someone needs Superman. Lois, who cannot understand his behavior, is frustrated and ends up accepting Scardino's (Jim Pirri) proposal to go out for a date.

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