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Chip Off the Old Clark

Lois and Clark try to enjoy their first days together as an engaged couple when a woman named Leigh-Anne (Susan Batten), appears on National TV claiming to have had Superman's child, Jesse (Alex D. Linz). Clark insists that she is lying, but Lois is uncertain what to believe when Jesse picks up a sofa and flies during the interview with Leigh-Anne. While Superman asks for a DNA test, Clark investigates and finds out the reason Jesse has superpowers; Superman saved a plane from crashing and a lightning bolt hit him, transferring part of his powers to Jesse who was a passenger on the plane. Leigh-Anne was scared that Superman would sue and take Jesse away from her, Clark told Leigh-Anne that Superman would not and understands why she did this; because she loves her son. In the meantime, a criminal known as Anonymous (Dave Coulier), who is a master of disguise, kidnaps Jesse to use him in kidnapping the President. Anonymous wants the President (Michael Kagan) to give him the codes of a nuclear missile to launch it, something that he manages to do but Superman stops the missile in time and Anonymous is arrested. Leigh-Anne and Jesse say goodbye to Clark and Lois and want to thank Superman for saving Jesse. Leigh-Anne is enrolled beauty parlor school and got Jesse in Kindergarten.

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