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Big Girls Don't Fly

Zara (Justine Bateman) and Ching (Jon Tenney) inform Clark that many of the Kryptonians had escaped Krypton before the planet blew up and they are all now settle on a new planet they call New Krypton. Zara is Kal El's wife and the reason she and Ching came to Earth was to find Kal El and take him back to New Krypton. The ruling families of New Krypton are in conflict and a Civil War is about to start. If Kal El will not go back, Zara will be forced to marry Lord Nor, an evil Kryptonian who would do anything to rule over the planet. Clark is conflicted if he has to leave Earth and he has to decide, along with Lois, what he should do. He finally decides that he should help his people, even if that means he might never see Lois again, and leaves Earth after making a public statement of why Superman must leave. In the meantime, Lord Nor sends his best assassin, Taz (Roger Daltrey), who can transform in any form his wants, to kill Kal El before he leaves Earth but he fails and his life force is gone.

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