Another Trip Around the Sun

Darius and Liam work to invent a theoretically impossible piece of technology to divert the asteroid, and Grace risks everything to help Darius. Also, Liam heads home to Boston to track down critical research, but finds something shocking instead.

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CarlJohanEnstrm posted a year ago

Thought Id give it a second chance but this is crap through and through. This project is a good example of the things that are wrong with entertainment today. It should have been killed as a child. When it was only a badly written story on a piece of paper. I would have loved to hear the pitch for this, to get something this crappy get the greenlight it must have included lots of drugs, booze and hookers. It made som studio exec (with a background in financials only) say: I know nothing about TV or movies but i like this bad script! It has a ridicilous story! Lets hire a bad producer and a bad director! And we need bad casting so we can get bad actors giving the bad dialog! It must have been quite a party.

An alternative explanation is that the pentagon/MIC paid for the whole shebang as it is fake propaganda depicting them as the nice heros that only has good intentions protecting the people of earth with their nukes and deathrays.

teros posted a year ago

Completely agree. Nothing really interesting here. Didnt even manage to watch the whole second episode. Fail. Next.

springfield45 posted a year ago

Absolutely nothing new, very predictable two episodes was enough, I was actually falling asleep. Not a fan of the cast.

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