The Long Road

A major diagnosis shakes the Brown family, and forces them toward a decision that could reshape their lifelong journey. While medical analysis continues for Ami in the lower 48, oldest son Matt attempts to get back to normal as he reunites with Noah.

Episode Discussion

Irish316 posted a year ago

According to Discovery this is season 7, episode 2 and it aired last Wednesday. For some reason they listed the first episode of the season as episode 0. The next episode is tonight and it is Strength in Numbers. Alaskan Bush People is really messed up as I started looking over it and season 2 has too many episodes and a lot of them are season 3 which ends up putting it correctly into season 7. I opened a thread in the forums. Hopefully, someone will look at Discovery's website and fix the mess it is in right now.

Matty posted a year ago

This is actually season 7 episode 3 and it airs tomorrow at 9.

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