Wine Knot

A case of sour grapes pits sibling winemakers; Roxanne yearns for something to give life purpose; Markowitz goes on an impromptu excursion with Benny.

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ChrisAmon posted a year ago

Why did Stuart Markowitz got upset about Lincoln the dog that he named him after he and Benny Stulwicz saved him from hit and run in the street, because he doesn't remember things of his memory loss of a disability after the Riot attack held in Los Angeles in the spring of April 29, 1992, that was 7 months ago when got beaten up? And why did Stuart got mad and toss the chair through the window in the Conference Meeting Room for? Ann Kelsey was forced Stuart not to keep the dog named Lincoln and she he doesn't listen to Ann Kelsey and he doesn't want to go home with his wife? Stuart and Benny were having fun and it was scary.

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