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Face to Face with ISIS

Stacey comes face to face with ISIS as she revisits Iraq to unearth the harrowing story of Yazidi women kept as ISIS sex slaves. She is accompanied by Shireen, a Yazidi woman who was kept as a slave in Mosul before managing to escape during the battle to regain the city. Stacey helps Shireen retrace the steps of her torturous past, revisiting parts of the city which played a significant role in Shireen's ordeal. Their journey culminates in a face to face exchange with an ISIS fighter who claims to have killed over 900 people, and raped over 250 women.

Their first stop is the house in Mosul which Shireen was taken to, held hostage and routinely raped by her captor. She shows the room in which she was held, with a curtain she fitted and the initials on the wall of her ISIS captor and his wife. Shireen takes Stacey to one of the former markets that were set up to trade the women. Although nothing but rubble is left the effect on Shireen is profound and she wants answers to why this happened.

The next day, escorted by an Iraqi Commander, they search through the decimated city to locate Shireen's escape house. However, during their hunt she is cut off from answering Stacey's questions about her experience by the Commander.

Finally their trip ends in a small room outside the city where they sit face to face with Amar, a 21 year old ISIS fighter. Anmar took part in the raid on Shireen's home city and had three Yazidi sex slaves of his own. Shireen is finally able to challenge him on why this happened, why he did it, and how he feels about the atrocities he committed now.

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