Extreme Auditions

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JAGUARDOG posted 3 years ago

This was a very different episode then the usual format inside the auditorium. Most of this show's acts performed outside the auditorium. I din't really care for this episode much at all compared to any and all other episodes of the 1st 10 seasons. Most of the acts were so dangerous and so disturbing I felt like that was a wasted episode because a lot of the acts that I saw on the first 3 episodes were 10 times better than any on the show tonight and I didn't feel anyone of them could possibly win the whole thing going up against those previous great acts I have previously seen so far. I personally feel that not 1 of the acts on the show tonight has a snowball's chance in HELL of winning. I have about 20 acts that I really like so far this season a lot but if I was to say what my favorite one was so far I would have to say the ventriloquist hands down by far! He put on an unbelievable performance and he was very funny and his voice throwing ability is by far one of the best I have ever seen or heard! JAGUARDOG out!

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