Week 4

The drama continues as a disgruntled bachelor refuses to leave - even after Kaitlyn sends him home. Her well-meaning talk with the man goes awry, and after this unexpected confrontation, she decides to cut the cocktail party short and go directly to the rose ceremony. Sixteen men move on in an attempt to capture Kaitlyn's heart. World Champion sumo wrestlers Biyamba and Yama give six bachelors a wake-up call they won't soon forget, and one unhappy guy vocalizes his displeasure with the day's activity. Ben Z. goes on a mysterious one-on-one date with Kaitlyn. They both need to face their fears - including scorpions and snakes -- as they attempt to break out of the "Escape Room." Six more bachelors have another kind of terror waiting them when they meet the Bachelorette at an elementary school. But the fun begins when the men find out that they need to teach a class on the "birds and bees." Meanwhile, a budding bro-mance between two inseparable bachelors might interfere with Kaitlyn's search for love.

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