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The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2

While Bloodwork and Dark Flash infect Central City, Cisco tries to come up with a way to stop them. Joe is badly injured, and Iris has faith that the real Barry is still alive somewhere within the twisted monstrosity of the dark speedster.

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By Gadfly on Dec 4, 2019

In the STAR Labs workshop, Frost wakes up and checks on Iris and Cisco. Frost figures that Barry is now one of Bloodwork's "Blood Brothers". Cisco activates a force field around the labs and figures that Bloodwork has a plan. Frost uses a police scanner to find out what's going on outside the field. Cisco has a photon Emitter that he believes can drive the black blood out of Bloodwork and anyone he's infected, and figures they should go after Bloodwork first. He admits that he hasn't tested it,…

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