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Swamp Thing News

'Swamp Thing' Canceled By DC Universe After 1 Season

That was quick. And... nonsensical. How the heck can they tell after one episode? The critical response was generally good. And it's hard to believe it got worse figures than Doom Patrol. Seems like there must have been some kind of behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Pilot Episode


Okay, it's up.

Pilot Episode


Working on it. Since Swamp Thing is online rather than network, I had to wait until my neighbor has his Internet get over its weather-related issues, since he "pays" it to me in return for yard work. Should be up Friday night/Saturday morning. You realize that recaps aren't guaranteed, right? Like almost everything else at TVMaze, they're user-contributed. And there are thousands of shows nobody writes recaps for. Plus there's also all the cast adding, guest stars, screencapping, character capping, figuring out which actors play which characters, and so on. Especially for a first episode.

Your enthusiasm is noted and appreciated, though. Just keep in mind that I'm the primary recap writer, and there are only so many shows I can recap. Life, as they say, sometimes gets in the way. Thanks!

The Wunderkind Episode

The Wunderkind

Then again, I suppose the question is, is the new series intended to be cheesy? And were original episodes like "From Agnes, With Love" supposed to be cheesy, or did it just end up that way? At least "The Mighty Casey" seemed to be intended as a comedy. Although like most of Serling's comedy episode, it wasn't that humorous.

There are classic original TZs, but the show tends to follow the pattern of most great shows. A third are great, a third are okay, and a third suck balls. We'll see how the sixth episode turns out next right, but so far I'd say the ratio is holding for the newest series.