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Shipwrecked Episode


Why not? Granted, I'd rather see a remake of Land of the Giants. But they've already tried remaking Time Tunnel, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea doesn't seem to have much remake material. The cinematography is good, the acting is okay. There are worse ways to waste an hour.

Emergence: Episode I Review - Not so fast! Article

Emergence: Episode I Review - Not so fast!

Plus... form follows function. You've got a single woman, who takes in a kid who is is alone under mysterious circumstances. Either the parents aren't there at all, or there's more than they say there is to them.

You can observe that network TV makes suspense-fodder like that, while non-networks got a little more exotic. But if a non-network did the same story, they'd hit the same beats. That's not a direct trope of network vs. non-network TV: it's a trope of "standard" suspense stories. And drama. The parents have to be more than what they say they are. If the parents were normal and aboveboard, they'd show up, take the kid away, and that's be the end of the series.

Emergence: Episode I Review - Not so fast! Article

Emergence: Episode I Review - Not so fast!

In fairness, in most dramas parents are never what they seem and/or have ulterior motives. Practically everyone has ulterior motives and aren't what they seem. That's why they're... dramas. :)

If anything, I'd say that network TV drama tends to level things out. We know that Oliver Queen is basically a good guy, that Mick on DC's Legends grumbles a lot and is a bit of a doofus but will make the right call at the end of the day, that MacGyver and his co-workers are good people. Yeah, we find out that Oliver's father Richard wasn't the good guy he was initially made out to be (although he never really was, dumping The List on Oliver before shooting himself), but then... drama! Network main characters are what they seem, and the secondary characters aren't. Non-network stuff tends to go the opposite way because they have the relative freedom to do so. Let's turn Patsy into a bad guy! Let's turn Luke Cage into a kingpin! Let's have the 60s Alfred Pennyworth do some stonecold killing! Let's make our Superman proxy Homelander a dick! You won't ever see any of that happen to Barry on The Flash.

And shows have to "go fast" because many of them never know when they'll be canceled. Non-network TV isn't safe: just ask Swamp Thing.

Tutorial Episode


However, what actually aired on 8/22 after S01E05 was "Gentleman". So The CW page is wrong. Or at least it doesn't trump what actually aired. Did you watch the show at 9:30, and did it air "Tutorial" or "Gentleman"?

Yep, the first two pairs of episodes aired back to back. But the low ratings (not surprising given the August premiere) means that the network is trying to stretch the episodes out as far as they'll go (because they'd have to pay more for new material) while airing repeats that they pay less for the rights to air.

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