Engine Blocked

Timmy wants to play catch with his dad, but they have to get their chores done. Afterwards, Timmy and his Dad go buy a toy Mr. Turner has always wanted since childhood: The Stryker Z a rare limited addition car that was on TV. It turns out that Vicky has the actual car, which Mr. Turner asks Vicky to sell to him, even though it was not hers, but Vicky only agrees because they offer her $100. However, when Mr. Turner drives away, Doug Dimmadome approaches and asks Vicky to sell the car to him. At first, she says she already sold it, but after offering her $10,000, Vicky plots to steal the car back. Timmy becomes upset, because after the Stryker Z is fixed, Mr. Turner spends more time with the car instead of Timmy. After refusing to let Timmy ride in the car or let him come to the Dimmsdale Only-if-you're-old-enough-to-Drive-in-Auto Show, Timmy wishes himself to be merged with the car. He does, but at the Auto Show, Vicky comes and steals the Stryker Z back. Mr. Turner notices and gives chase with being chewed up in a Engine Wheel, and he is knocked into a sign. Mr. Turner borrows a scooter and gives chase on Vicky. The scooter runs out of power so Mr. Turner uses it as a Skateboard. When he catches up at Doug Dimmadome's estate, he thinks Timmy was in the trunk of the Stryker Z and Timmy wishes himself to be in the trunk. He is found and is scolded by his dad, but is forgiven. Vicky buys the car back from Mr. Turner, but the Stryker Z rolls off the cliff, is destroyed and turned into a cube. Disappointed, Doug Dimmadome says the deal was done, much to Vicky's dismay.

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