Navigate the Seas

James May is on a mission to save modern men - from themselves. From his Man Lab HQ, James and his team set out on a series of action-packed challenges that will help modern man relearn some of the vital skills, once cherished by his forefathers, that are now in danger of being lost forever.

Learn how to navigate the high seas the old-fashioned way - instead of SatNav, James must avoid sand banks and shipping lanes using only a compass and a dog as navigational tools. Then James passes up on touchy-feely dispute resolution and turns to the honourable art of duelling - as he engages in pistols at dawn after an argument over a parking space.

Any true man should be able to play an instrument, and James draws together an orchestra entirely made up of 'Grade One-ers' - men who made it past that first exam in childhood but haven't played since - until now, as the traumatic sounds of the auditions will attest.

And back in the Man Lab, James and the team buck the decline of a national institution by building a new pub, and they also come up with possibly the world's greatest invention - a toilet paper alarm so you'll never be caught short again.

And in Celebrity Man Skills, John Sergeant tries to beat his personal best time... for changing a tyre.

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