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A Shadow of the Past

Galadriel is disturbed by signs of an ancient evil's return. Arondir makes an unsettling discovery. Elrond is presented with an intriguing new venture. Nori breaks the Harfoot community's most deeply-held rule.

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Episode Discussion

NeoRocket posted a year ago

Of all the imaginations for viewing of LOTR be it movies, animations or any visual play this stands head and shoulders above all offerings.

This adds heart. the characters act like real, interacting beings with personalities and thoughts and feelings and all. The movies had fantastic (yawn) fx (big surprise) but cardboard characters. Some crazy good talent but the scripts and dialogue and direction reduced these actors to cardboard cutouts. Placeholders for the story, action and fx. This series I was prepared to see the same and go meh. But I was pleasantly surprised. I will be watching every episode and looking forward to them.

Well cast, well directed, well written and WELL DONE!

jepafo posted a year ago

meh - some disturbing images, but what else can you expect from that studio.

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